Turbomix-100 Hightlights

Mobile chassis

The mobile design of the TURBOMIX concrete mixing plant allows you to work in extremely small and urgent projects. Installation of the equipment, which takes only a couple of days, makes it a reliable choice for rapidly changing construction projects. The design of the equipment is collapsible and accommodates in its trailer structure a concrete mixer with a platform, an aggregate hopper, a weighing hopper, a weighing and transfer conveyor, a control cabin and this whole frame that collects these particles into a single unit.

turbomix-100 Mobile chassis
turbomix-100 Mobile chassis
turbomix-100 Ground feeding system
turbomix-100 Ground feeding system

Ground feeding system

TURBOMIX Mobile Concrete Plant is installed on a special concrete site which is prepared in advance by the buyer. Also, in addition to the concrete plan, a concrete ramp is also being prepared, which helps the truck to rise to the height and load the aggregate hopper. This preparation is an essential condition for the installation of the equipment. In order to save time and money for the users of the plant, we designed a special ground-feeding system. This system consists of a preliminary hopper and a conveyor belt that sends the loaded aggregate product to the main hopper of the concrete plant. The design is foldable and occupies extremely small space for transportation and after installation. The ground-feeding system is also connected to the control system of the concrete plant, through which it is possible to control the supply of the unit to the desired cell of the main aggregate hopper.


Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant TURBOMIX 100 is designed for the easy use and servise, for quick solution of unpredicted problems and to save our valuable time. Mobile construction is supplied with walking platforms almost in all parts which makes it easy to control the manufacture work and in cases of failure of work to check and repair the necessary unit in a real quick duration of time. This platform is supplied first of all up to the concrete mixer of the equipment, which makes it possible to control the level of grease of the automated lubrication system, to check the inside of mixer from the upper cap and to wash off the mixer at the end of the working day. Also, there is another platform above this one, which leads to the weighing hoppers of the cement, water and additives. This is also being an important part of the plant, makes it also possible to come the position at height, at which point it is possible to see and control the flow of aggregate material from the bunker to the weighing bunker, and to the transfer conveyor, which comes finally to the mixer.
turbomix-100 Construction detail
Mobile concrete batching plant control panel
Mobile concrete batching plant control panel


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is a multifunctional equipment which needs to be operated and controlled with specific time periods to maintain the flow of mixed materials in specific amount. In our equipment this operation is completely done by automated control system which can be monitored by single operator from the control cabin. Automated control system comprise all parts of the equipment beginning with aggregate bunker till discharge from the mixer. The system controls the material supply according to the initially entered parameters and calculates the time period for each mixing operation, discharges the product and begin filling the mixer with aggregates again. This repeated operation is smoothly continues by means of automated control system. Also, such parameters like actual aggregate level in main bunker, water, cement and additive levels are also calculated according to the initial amount and used amount during mixing process. The system keeps all operation log of the equipment and it is possible to take and print report for certain period of date from the system.

Turbomix-100 Technical Specifications

Production Capacity100 m3/h
Mixer CapacityTwin-shaft Mixer 2 m3
Aggregate Bunker4 x 17 m3
Aggregate FeedingRamp or PRE-Feeding
Transfer Conveyor6250 kg
Cement Weight1300 kg
Additives Weighing40 kg
Water Weighing750 lt
Cement SiloOptional
Cement ScrewOptional
Total Weight27500 kg
Total Motor Power150 kW

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