Turbomix-120 Hightlights

Mobile Construction Equipment

In a century when everything transforms to a mobile and portable construction, in a construction area also mobile equipment are much preferred than stationary ones. As one of the leading companies of the world in this area, FABO TURBOMIX series Mobile Concrete Batching Plants take into account all needs of this sector. As a result of long years work of our R & D team, the system could compile all essentials of the concrete batching plant into a single trailed chassis. Providing installation of the equipment by use of a single crane, the equipment gains preference for most construction companies and projects. Easy to be reassembled maximum in pair days, ability to be transported by single truck head and installation into a new project zone again in pair days, can be

turbomix-120 Mobile Construction Equipment
turbomix-120 Mobile Construction Equipment
turbomix-100 Double Shaft Concrete Mixer
turbomix-100 Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

In a century when everyday brains are searching for the easiest, the most efficient and the least cost way of processing life, construction area, specifically concrete batching area have gained its peak with the invention of Double Shaft Concrete mixers. Instead of old single shaft mixers, double shaft mixers give more homogeneous and better quality mixture, where at the same time it can reach the total capacity where nor planetary, neither single shaft mixer can reach. FABO Twin-shaft mixers are manufactured beginning with 0.5 m3 small ones and reach up to 6 m3 giant mixers. As a result of latest added changes in the mixer design, special front door, which keeps the mixer shaft end with bearings part covered. Because of the mostly appearing problem with bearings part of the shaft, this innovation will result in easy maintenance, repair, and change of bearings part easily. Frame of the mixer, which is strong and durable on his own, also covered with wearing plates from inside, so that the life of the mixer will be long enough. Lubrication system, which is controlled by the automated control system, keeps working bearings and other parts of the mixer always fresh.

Mobile concrete batching plant control panel
Mobile concrete batching plant control panel

Automated Control System

Control system of the equipment which completely works on automated base keeps track of every small operations and also provides manual control choice for the operator. This system is also like the equipment itself, always being developed by our programming team, so that new features and options are added to make the use and control of the plant more safe and efficient. Monitoring of the system shows all details of the plant in current operation stage and in general, marks all irregular processes and keeps log of them all. Weighing system of the equipment is main part of the plant which works upon initially given values to obtain certain quality concrete mixture. All weighing processes are done by static loadcells, which are also operated by automated control system.

Turbomix-120 Technical Specifications

Model TurboMix-120
Production Capacity 120 m3/h
Mixer Capacity Twin-shaft Mixer 3 m3
Aggregate Bunker 4 x 20 m3
Aggregate Feeding Ramp or PRE-Feeding
Transfer Conveyor 6600 kg
Cement Weight 1600 kg
Additives Weighing 50 kg
Water Weighing 900 lt
Cement Silo Optional
Cement Screw Optional
Total Weight 31416 kg
Total Motor Power 145 kW

TurboMix-120 Video