TurboMix-30 Hightlights

Enduring and Strong Mobile Chassis

The robust and strong mobile chassis of the plant provides long-term service and stability during production works.

Having endured enough change and addition over the years of its existence, the design is assembled taking into account all the needs of this sector.

The unique single-chassis construction of the installation allows to get the most benefit at the lowest cost.

Сonstruction material used in the manufacture of the chassis passed all endurance tests under various climatic conditions.

Turbomix-30 Mobile Concrete Machinery Chasis
Turbomix-30 Mobile Concrete Machinery Chasis
Mobile Concrete Batching Plants Bunker
Mobile Concrete Batching Plants Bunker

Folding Type Aggregate Bunker

Aggregate Bunker being one of the most important parts of the plant, after long works of the R&D team, could combine high capacity volume and compact construction at the same time.

Being designed as two-layer upside-down trapezoidal box, the upper part is foldable, keeping the height and width of the equipment smaller during logistics, and providing massive volume after installation works.

Have been divided into 4 sectors, aggregate bunker ensures to use different type aggregates at the same time, hereby saving time and enabling the possibility of producing high-quality mixture accepted at international standards.

High Quality Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer being the brain of the concrete plant, is the part of the equipment which experiences the most heft and pressure during the all process of the concrete production.

Pan Mixer used in our Turbomix 30 mobile concrete batching equipment is one of the mostly used mixer types nowadays.

It’s strong arms with geometrically aranged blades, gives the most homogeneous product at reasonable capacity.

Our Pan mixers continuously being tested under tough conditions have been designed taking into account all nuances, thus maintaining stable and productive service for long years.

Turbomix-30 Panmixer
Turbomix-30 Panmixer
Mobile concrete batching plant control panel
Mobile concrete batching plant control panel

Automation system 

Our hi-tech concrete batching equipment working completely on the automated control system, have an easy control panel which can be controlled by a single operator.

TurboMix-30 Technical Specifications

Production Capacity30 m3/h
Mixer CapacityPan Mixer 0,5 m3
Aggragate Bunker4×7,5 m3
Aggragate FeedingRamp or PRE-Feeding
Transfer Conveyor1250 kg
Cement Weighing300 kg
Water Weighing20 kg
Cement Silo200 lt
Cement ScrewOptional
Total Weight16350 kg
Total Motor Power55 kw
Alfreds FutterkisteMaria Anders

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