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Portable Concrete Mixer Batching plant ​is our new project that targets and helps in producing low volume concrete on small and medium work sites.Because of its compatibility can be installed, reinstalled in a very short period of time where at the same time minimizes and reduces the operational costs
portable concrete batching plant for sale
portable concrete batching plant for sale
MiniMix-30 Transport Position


To bring value and quality to our customers, Minimix-30 with its special design can be transported all around the world by 40’ Open Top container thanks to its folding modular system structure.

0.5 m3 PAN MIXER

Concrete Mixer is the brain of the concrete plant, therefore, it is the part of the equipment which experiences the most heft and pressure during the process of the concrete production, that is why Fabo’s Pan mixers are specially designed to provide high durability, long lifetime and high batching performance.
It’s strong arms with geometrically arranged blades, gives the most homogeneous product at reasonable capacity.


  • Cost-effective shipping to overseas with 1 x 40 ft OT Container along with all its equipment’s.
  • Minimizing the installation area of the plant.
  • Transportable by towing on roads.
  • Can be installed, reinstalled and transported in a very short period of time.
  • Ready Concrete Mixture conveyed by feeding conveyor to the concrete mixing truck.
  • According to the amount of the used concrete can be used Big Bag or small Bolted Silo.
  • By complete automatic system can be produced homogeneous concrete.

Detail About Portable Concrete Mixer Batching Plant

Portable concrete mixer batching plant is the smallest concrete batching plant in our product portfolio.

As a mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, we have developed our products in line with the demands we gathered from the customers and fairs we participated in.

The product is ideal for customers who need concrete batching plants in construction sites but have to work in small areas.

Its main structure is designed to fit on a single truck chassis. In this way, it can be transported easily by road transport.

Both transportation and installation processes are easy. The new generation construction site type batching plant can be installed within 2 days depending on the condition and starts production immediately.

Since the construction site type mobile batching plant is produced for working in small areas, the area which is under the pan mixer is not sufficient, in this case, there are two types of loading system solutions.

The first method is to install the ramp system on the ground and load the concrete directly from the top of the pan-mixer.

Another loading process can be carried out to the desired point or vehicle by means of conveyor belts. You can examine these details in the offer that we would give to you.

Concrete mixing plant use cement silos for cement storage, that is like other types of mobile concrete batching plants, or can optionally be supplied with a big-bag cement bag.

Designed for the ability to work in small spaces, the portable concrete mixer batching plant has a full automation system and the batching plant operating process can be easily performed with a single operator.

The entire control process of our mobile concrete batching plant is provided by an easy-to-use fully automatic panel. Our panel continuously monitors the mixing process and ensures that the aggregate and cement are more homogeneous, ensuring that the desired mixing ratio remains at the same level.

We manufacture our mobile concrete batching plants from 5 mm ST-37 steel sheet for longer production life in heavy conditions.

If you want to get more detailed information about this mobile facility you can contact us to get a price offer.

MiniMix-30 Technical Specifications

Production Capacity30 m3/h
Mixer CapacityPan Mixer 0.5 m3
Aggregate Bunker4 x 5 m3
Aggregate FeedingRamp or PRE-Feeding
Transfer Conveyor2500 kg
Cement Weight600 kg
Additives Weighing25 kg
Water Weighing300 lt
Cement SiloOptional
Cement ScrewOptional
Total Weight19650 kg

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