Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale, unlike the old type stationary concrete batching plant, provides an easier and faster installation process and increases productivity.

The main reason for this is that all the main components such as aggregate bunker, mixer feed belt are presented as a single main body and it can be carried easily with a single trailer.


Mobile concrete batching plant for sale can be easily used in construction projects such as bridges, tunnels, highways, railways, port construction in short-term and divided areas.

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale is produced with the assurance of turbomix series fabo machine. All plants are built to be easily controlled by a single operator with a fully automated system, thus reducing operating costs.

An affordable mobile concrete batching plant

As Fabo Machine, we have more than 100 projects carried out in more than 32 countries all over the world.

For sale mobile concrete batching plants we always offer the best price to offer the highest quality to our valued customers by keeping the quality in mind.

If you buy a mobile concrete plant from an agency or an intermediary, you will have to pay a certain commission.
We are able to offer the most favorable price to our valued customers by eliminating the brokers in the meantime, and we also reduce our costs even further since we carry out many production processes in our own factory.

If you are looking for mobile concrete mixing plant for sale, we are always ready to help you, we are very happy to welcome our valued customers in our factory and show the Turkish hospitality.

About Mobile concrete batching plant delivery and shipping

We have had customers from different parts of the world and even the most remote islands.

We determine the most appropriate delivery method for you and bring it to its destination, after the transportation, our authorized installation team, and engineer will start the installation process at your location.

About Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance and Service

The mobile concrete plant for sale, which is regularly maintained on a regular basis, can operate for a long time without causing any malfunction.

Once the mobile concrete batching plant is installed, we will provide maintenance and user training to teach you how to use the plant in the most efficient way.

If a malfunction occurs, you can quickly contact our service team to solve your problems.

If you need spare parts, you can always contact your ready counselors to assist you.

If you want to get an affordable mobile concrete batching plant, you can contact us.

What are the main components of the mobile concrete batching plant for sale?

A mobile concrete batching plant consists of several parts;

These parts are res

1-Mixer (pan mixer & twin shaft mixer)
2-aggregate bunker
3-aggregate feeding
4-transfer conveyor
5-cement weighing
6-additive weighing
7-water weighing
8-cement silo
9-cement conveyors

Mixer Groups (pan mixer and twin shaft mixer)

The mixer which is a part of Mobile Concrete mixin Plant is a part that is responsible for mixing the concrete to be produced.

Two types of mixers are used in the concrete batching plant.

These are two types as pan mixer and twin shaft mixer.

However, upon customer request, we can use a pan mixer or twin shaft mixer in our facilities.

We use a pan mixer in our mobile concrete plants up to 90 m3/h.

We use twin shaft mixer in plants with larger than 100 m3 / s.

The main reason for using different mixers according to the production capacity is that the pan mixer becomes more difficult to mix sand gravel and cement after 100 m3 / s.

The most important advantage of the Twin-shaft mixer is that it provides better bonding of the aggregate to a more homogeneous mixture.

Aggregate Bunker

Aggregate bunker works as a place where materials such as sand and gravel to be transported to the mixer are stored.
The raw material is stored here and ready to be transferred to the desired amount of transfer belt.
Aggregate bunker in different sizes can be added to the concrete batching plant facilities upon the request of our valued customer.

Aggregate Feeding

It allows the material to be transported to the aggregate bunker to be transferred to the desired sections and optionally can be added to the facility.

Transfer Conveyor

Transfer conveyor conveys the sand and gravel from the aggregate bunker proportionally to the mixer hopper, and you can change the transfer conveyor dimensions on request except for the standard dimensions.

Cement Weighing

The cement weighing chamber is the part that applies the cement ratio by means of sensors, where you can reduce or increase the ratio according to the desired hardness.

Additive Weighing

The additive weighing chamber is the part that determines the rate of sand and gravel to be taken from the aggregate bunker and the proportional adjustments can be changed optionally via the control panel.

Water Weighing

The water weighing chamber adjusts the proportion of water that the mixer receives by adjusting the proportion of water pumped by the booster.

Cement Silo

Cement silos are used to store the cement to be used in production.

Cement silo can be added in different capacities and sizes according to the dimensions requested by our valued customers and then it can be changed according to your request.

We can manufacture cement silos of mobile concrete batching plant in two types as welded and bolted, you can change it upon request.

When manufacturing cement silo, the welding method is welded by longitudinal and transverse welds, both internally and externally by arc welding.

Cement Helix

We produce the cement auger which performs the transfer work in the cement silo as S type conveyor auger.
We have been using this system, which has been used all over the world for more than 50 years and is now accepted as superior, in all our mobile concrete batching plants.
There is no mixing plant manufacturer in the world who will not appreciate this system.